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Registered in Uganda as a non government organisation. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved

Organisation Structure

Annual General Meeting:

This is the highest organ of the organization comprising of all the registered members of the organization. It meets once every year to pass resolutions, vote Board members and approve the financial statements of the previous year as well as approve the budget of the next financial year, among other duties. The total number of registered members is currently 210.

 Board of Directors

This is the second highest and policy making organ of the organization. The Annual General Meeting elects the members of the Board. These are respectable and distinguished persons elected to oversee the organization by providing oversight to the Executive Director and Secretariat. The Chairperson, who acts as the overseer of the organization and all its activities, heads the Board. The Chairperson is directly answerable to the Annual General Meeting. The Board meets quarterly to pass policies for the organization and oversees the general running of the organization.

This consists of the three staff and seventeen volunteers directly involved with the implementation of programmes. The Executive Director, who acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, heads the Secretariat and directly reports to the Chairperson of the Board. The staff and volunteers are in charge of the day to day running of the organization and the implementation of the organization’s activities.