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Woman of Purpose was established in July 2004 as an effort to facilitate rural development by helping communities in Pallisa district and the surrounding areas to eradicate poverty through enabling access to resources and opportunities.

Our interventions mainly target women due to the historical and cultural biases and prejudices that affect women on a day to day basis. Our main focus is on empowering women to overcome these hurdles. We place special focus on working alongside women because equipped with right resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities allievate poverty.

Over the past decade, we have continuously developed our approach to reducing poverty by empowering rural communities with a main focus on women. In 2004, WOP was established on the premise that poverty was mainly due to a lack of basic goods, services, and healthcare. As the organization grew, so did our understanding of poverty. WOP ’s scope widened to include the view that poverty is often caused by the absence of rights, opportunities and assets, largely due to social exclusion, marginalization, and discrimination. We started focusing on women’s empowerment realizing from our experience that women are the key. By empowering women entire families can be lifted out of poverty.

As well as becoming a local leader in the fight for women's rights and freedoms, WOP implements long-term development programs in vulnerable communities in Eastern Uganda. We are also part of a national movement, campaigning with others, for instance, to end gender based violence, demand better health and education services for all, and to combat climate change.

In June 2005, WOP set up a Secretariat and recruited full-time staff and volunteers.

WOP aims at promoting observance and entrenchment of women’s civic, social and economic rights through mainstreaming awareness and observance of human rights; building capacity of women and communities to generate income; providing technical and policy expertise to communities, civic leaders and policy makers on human rights and community development; increasing public awareness of human rights and Uganda’s obligations under International law; and participating in forums for exchanging ideas on promoting observance of human rights and community development.
Since its formation, WOP has contributed to increasing public awareness of women’s rights as well as community development aimed at releasing vulnerable groups like women and children from the pangs of poverty.


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