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Housing Scheme

A house can be any family's largest asset, especially for those who are poor and vulnerable. The Housing scheme supports widows and poor families by rehabilitating and constracting low cost iron sheet roofed house for them.

woman of purpose housing projesct

In the poorest areas of Uganda, improper building materials, a lack of appropriate resources, and unsustainable architectures turn houses to foul rubble in the blink of an eye. Many families live in makeshift homes that are constructed of nothing more than clay soil, pieces of wood and grass.

Woman of Purpose, recognizes that flourishing homes and thriving communities begin with improving actual home structure. WOP works with the poorest of families in Pallisa district to build or rebuild houses making them strong, safe, culturally appropriate, and affordable to maintain. These homes become the foundation for a community building process.                  

Each home costs approximately $2,000. Our houses are made entirely of baked bricks, with cement floor, and iron sheet roof.

The Widows Housing Program is aimed at alleviating poverty housing among poor widows and poor families. By facilitating these widows and families to build new houses or renovate dilapidated houses, the program plays a very big role in improving living conditions of poor widows and their families, most of who live in dilapidated mud walled grass-thatched houses. Hence, through this program, we convert these mud and wattle grass thatched houses into low cost brick and iron roofed houses.

Some of the key benefits of the scheme are improved hygiene, improved security, increased self esteem, income saving, creation of unity, etc.

The core sponsor of this program is Access 4 UK, We also get donations from individuals and small groups who wish to support this noble project. Our target is to help 500 families by 2020. Over 60 families have benefitted from this project so far.

The biggest challenge we face with this scheme is the sharp increase in the cost of building materials like burnt bricks, cement, iron sheets, roofing timber and nails which have been severely affected by the depreciation of the Uganda shilling.

woman of purpose housing project