Despite many successes in empowering women, numerous issues still exist in all areas of life, ranging from the cultural, political to the economic. WOP is commited to sensitising rural comminities about their rights.
The gift of a heifer can change lives, giving hope to families in even the most dire of circumstances. Heifers have many uses, and are capable of bringing stability to the lives of people struggling with poverty. Learn about our heifer project and see how its changing lives.
WOP works with the poorest families to build or rebuild houses making them strong, safe, culturally appropriate, and affordable to maintain.
Giving time is one of the most valuable contributions you can make in the fight against global poverty. Volunteer today.
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Widowhood dramatically changes the status of a woman. Customary laws often deny widows the right to inherit land and and assets. Women can also be seen as property, and they can be inherited to their husband's brother. See what we are doing to change this.
The WOP Vocational Training Institute was set up to help distressed and marginalized girls and boys.
The mission of Woman of Purpose is to empower communities, especially women, to use their God-given potential and attributes to live purposeful lives.