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Skills to enable independent living.

Woman of Purpose is committed to sustainable development. Being able to earn a living from a skill is a long term solution to poverty. We help individuals and their families to break the cycle of poverty. Our training programmes help communities to get stronger and build better futures for their children.

The WOP Vocational Training Institute was set up to help distressed and marginalized girls and boys. WOP ’s holistic approach means we can also help the children of women attending the Institute, which offers the whole family a chance to break free of poverty.


The school works with underprivileged adolescent boys and girls. The main trades taught are: Tailoring, Embroidery, Catering, Computers, Carpentry and Brick laying.

Project aims

"When an 18 year old girl showcases her ability to achieve a better socio-economic life, it does more for improving the perception of the girl child in her neighbourhood than a hundred lectures or a million pamphlets".