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What we do

Woman of Purpose works at grassroots level in four sub counties in Pallisa district, tackling poverty and improving the lives of local communities.

Within each of our programme sectors, Woman of Purpose operates community based projects that work with individuals and families to eradicate poverty. Our projects are providing a ray of hope for the communities' most threatening problems.

The organisation works with its own local staff to undertake a range of integrated development programmes amongst rural communities.

We work with people living in poverty striving to exercise their human rights, assert their dignity as full citizens and take control of their lives.

We focus our efforts in these areas:


We work with partners and communities on long-term programs to eradicate poverty and combat injustice. The Hope for Widows project promotes the social and legal welfare of widows. The project is geared towards eliminating discriminatory practices and traditions against widows, raise community awareness on widow's rights and promote awareness and enforcement of those rights.


Woman of Purpose, recognizes that flourishing homes and thriving communities begin with improving actual house structures. WOP works with the poorest of families in Pallisa district to build or rebuild houses making them strong, safe, culturally appropriate, and affordable to maintain. These homes become the foundation for a community building process.


We are part of a national movement for change. We raise public awareness on issues such as human rights, widow's rights, gender based violence, women's rights and encourage ordinary people to take action for a fairer world. We press decision-makers to change policies and practices that reinforce poverty and injustice.

Enterprise Development

Connecting grass root women to development is not only an economic but also a human right issue. WOP is in the forefront in the fight for enterprise development for women in rural araes. We provide training, advisory services and credit.

Community Outreach

We use a multi-dimensional approach to address both the causes of poverty and its effect on people's lives. We engage the community in forums, discussions, music dance and drama and community awareness campaign on issues to do with human rights, domestic violence, good health, enterprise and education. We believe that when people gain knowledge of the basic human rights, when they are equipped with the right information, skills and confidence then they can change their lives themselves.

Heifer Project

The heifer project commonly referred here as the cow scheme is a livestock sharing program aimed at improving the livelihood of poor rural families. Under this program, a heifer is given to a family who tend it under the supervision of the organisatio. When the heifer calves, the first female calf, after being weaned, is passed on to another beneficiary. Under the Cow Scheme over 200 families have so far benefitted. The project is meant to raise household incomes, improve nutrition and create self sustainability among widows.

Vocational Skills

Woman of Purpose has a vocational training school. The school trains young women, girls and boys in tailoring, catering, carpentry and brick laying. The school was started in 2011 after we noticed a high rate of school drop-outs and unemployement among the young people.