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widows in Pallisa
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Hope for Widows

Widowhood dramatically changes the status of a woman, especially in some African countries like Uganda. Customary laws often deny women and widows the right to inherit land and assets. Women can also be seen as property, and once their husbands die, they can be inherited to their husband's brother. Other cases show women being expelled from their homes or having their property taken way from them when the husband dies.

Widowhood is also likely to lead to depression and higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease or other health conditions.

The Hope for Widows project supports widows in Pallisa district and addresses issues to do with eliminating discriminatory practices and traditions against widows, raising community awareness on widows rights and advocating for the enforcement of those rights.

The UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women made recommendations to better protect the rights of women, including widows. The report asked nations to repeal legislation that discriminates against widows, to create equal inheritance rights, and to ensure widows are cared for.

WOP has worked with affiliates and partners to improve the lives of widows such as: