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  • Do you have passion for children and woman in rural African communities?
  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of rural people?
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Happy Giving

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Take the opportunity to give to make the life of a less fortunate person better. You can give of your time, money, knowledge, skills etc.

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By supporting Woman of Purpose, you are supporting some of the poorest people in the world.. You are enabling them to gain knowledge of basic human rights so that they are equipped with the information, skills and confidence they need to change their lives themselves.

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COVID-19 - How Woman of Purpose is Responding

Uganda like the rest of the world has not been spared by the COVID-19 Pandemic. With Cases crossing the 1000 mark, Schools, Churches and nonessential businesses reamin closed, the night time curfew is still in place and public transport still faces some restrictions. Woman Of Purpose (WOP) has had to discontinue group activities, which has affected some of our projects especailly the Youth Empowerment Project.

We have however been able to serve our communities within the government issues parameters.

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[over 50,000 people]

Our communities suffer with lack of information and mis-information. One of the things we are doing is to sensitise and teach our community about the Coronavirus, how is spreads and measures they can take to prevent from getting it. We have visited over 15 villages and reached more than 50,000 people in our sensitisation outreach.

[over 50 households]

Finding or having enough food is difficult for most of the families in the rural communities. A number of households have found it very difficult to engage in any economic activity due to the lockdown. Our tutors have specifically been affected because following the presidental directive, we closed our vocational school. We have therefore been able to give food to over 50 families and mainly to the most affected.

Safety Tips

  1. Wash your hands with Soap
  2. Wear a face mask whenever in Public
  3. Maintain social distancing guidelines

Our Funders and Partners

We are able to accomplish everything we do because of the love and sacrifice of our funders and partners.
They together with us are able to bring hope to the hopeless and transform the lives of many.


The Wates Foundation is an independent grant-making Family Trust that has been supporting the charitable and voluntary sector for almost 50 years. The Foundation has supported our Youth Empowermnet project, Cow/Heifer Project and supported some of our operational cost.


Access 4 and Ms. Susan Wates have been great partners with Woman Of Purpose. We have walked the journey of creating a better place and life for the people and especailly the women and girls in Agule, Pallisa. Acess 4 has support our Widows Housing program, Youth Empowerment project, Cow Scheme Project, our operational cost and alot more...


Moon Catchers Inc. is a beautiful organisation, that has helped us keep our daughters in school by addressing the inadequacy in Menstrual Health Management. They do this by facilitating the making of reusable menstrual pads for school girls in Pallisa.

Our Projects and Programs. Support Us

For over 10 years, we have served the communities of Pallisa. Empowering them to be self sustaining. Providing access to much needed opportunties for living better lives.

Youth Empowerment Project

Girls in Control Project

Widows Housing Project

Human Rights Education Program

Cow Scheme Program

Woman Of Purpose Football Club